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Southern Cross Education Institute Higher Education (SCEI-HE). SCEI-HE is registered to provide higher education Bachelor courses at its Melbourne campus. Your time at SCEI-HE will expand your professional and creative opportunities by enabling and challenging your innate creativity, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities. Through the efforts of our dedicated, experienced and talented academic staff, our Institute will deliver a progressive and industry validated program of Health and Community Services, to produce job ready graduates.

As students and graduates you will play a crucial role in the delivery of critical health and community services in Australia and abroad. SCEI-HE prides itself on its cultural diversity and dynamic, evolving learning environments and we look forward to your personal contribution to the shared experience of our student family and to the national and global communities of practice in your new careers.

The applicant seeking entry into a course of study at SCEI-HE must following the procedures below. Complete the appropriate application form with declaration/s signed.

  • All qualifications and supporting documentation must be certified or original copies.
  • Documents not in English must be accompanied by certified English translations from a recognised accredited translator.
  • Where qualifications and supporting documentation have been completed in another name, evidence must be provided of the change of name.

Selection for Admission

To be eligible for an offer of admission, please check your course for details ;

  • Have an awarded ATAR or equivalent; or Completed an accredited qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework at the Diploma or higher level
  • Must meet the approved English Language Proficiency Requirements.
  • Must meet any additional entry criteria for a program of study e.g. interview

Offers may be conditional upon the provision of proof of completion of entry requirements or other criteria detailed in the offer of admission. The offer of admission is valid for the duration specified in the offer. If the applicant fails to accept the offer in the duration specified, then the offer will be deemed null and void.

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