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Student Support

SCEI-HE understands that student experiences are as equally important as education outcomes, and more often than not, the student’s personal experience and academic performance are interdependent. We provide our students with a comprehensive range of support services and facilities in order to ensure that student well being is at its highest possible level.

Student support and student welfare are specifically supported by SCEI HE’s Student Welfare Coordinator
and Support Officers.

SCEI-HE provides all students with access to:

  • Personal counselling
  • Student welfare
  • Student legal services
  • Academic progress
  • eCounselling
  • Student advocacy
  • Official Student Association and special interest student groups
  • Student-life and money management information seminars
  • Time management and study habit workshops
  • Disability services
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student support groups and services
  • Chaplain services
  • Muslim prayer rooms and multi-faith spaces
  • Living and studying in Australia information seminars
  • Mature age student support groups
  • English language and academic writing workshops
  • Cross-cultural awareness information seminars

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