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Higher Education

Our mission is to deliver quality education through innovative methods and in a supportive environment. We equip our students with the knowledge and practical skills to empower them as lifelong learners, active members of the wider community, and future leaders in their fields.


SCEI-HE believes that quality higher education should not only serve the demands of the labor market and enhance the career prospects of graduates, but also contribute to an improved national economy through graduates’ professional innovation in business, industry, research and government, their positive and beneficial engagement with community, and an ongoing contribution to a democratic, equitable and civilized society.

What We Offer

SCEI-HE is driven to provide empowering learning experiences to enrich every student’s higher education journey and every community sector with which they engage.


Through dynamic community engagement, up-to-the-minute research and active support of low socioeconomic students, SCEI’s primary goal is to advance knowledge and practice in the students we teach, to benefit industries our practice ready graduates enter, and to enrich the of communities with which our graduates connect.

Undergraduate Courses

Our undergraduate courses focus on developing the

practical skills that you’ll need for a career

Our Graduates

The SCEI-HE experience will enable graduates to become:

• Flexible and independent learners with a commitment to life-long learning
• Academically knowledgeable at a level appropriate to the program
• Able to use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and think critically
• Technologically competent

• Competent in academic research methodologies
• Effective communicators in spoken and written English
• Able to work effectively as part of a team

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