Welcome to the Southern Cross Education Institute
Higher Education

SCEI-HE is registered to provide higher education bachelor courses at its Melbourne campus. Your time at SCEI-HE will expand your professional and creative opportunities by enabling and challenging your innate creativity, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities.

Through the efforts of our dedicated, experienced and talented academic staff, our Institute will deliver a progressive and industry validated program of Health and Community Services, to produce job ready graduates. As students and graduates you will play a crucial role in the delivery of critical health and community services in Australia and abroad.

We take pride in our cultural diversity and dynamic, evolving learning environments.
We look forward to your personal contribution to the shared experience of our student family, and to the national and global communities of practice in your new careers.

“I have faith that you will make lifelong, meaningful friendships during your time here that will assist in establishing a global SCEI-HE Health and Community Services Alumni.”
Professor Anona Armstrong AM
Corporate Board Chair

Dean’s message

Professor Dr. Md Parves Sultan 1

Professor Dr. Md Parves Sultan
Southern Cross Education Institute Higher Education

I welcome you to the Southern Cross Education Institute – Higher Education division (SCEI-HE). The courses we are currently offering include the Bachelor of Health and Community Services, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

These courses provide excellent value and job prospects in Australia. The most attractive part of the courses is the practical or hands-on professional experience through work placements. The experiential nature of our courses through external placement opportunities is mainly designed to bring study and real-world experience together, and often this results in full-time and part-time work opportunities for our students. The courses we offer are accredited by relevant government agencies, professional and industrial bodies.


We are committed to providing you with a collaborative and active learning environment, fostering a culture of scholarship in teaching, learning and research in our curriculum and pedagogy. This is also supported by academic integrity and continuous improvement in your learning experience and professional development. Our teaching teams are highly qualified and experienced, and some have PhDs in relevant areas of teaching and research. The SCEI-HE teaching team comprises some of the most dedicated team members you will love to learn with.

SCEI-HE is envisioned to be regarded by stakeholders as a respected, ethical, innovative, and sustainable national quality higher education provider through a supportive learning environment focusing on knowledge and practical skills and promoting academic excellence.


The six core SCEI-HE values are excellence, inclusivity, communities, accountability, partnership, and academic freedom and freedom of opinion. We have five campuses in Melbourne and Adelaide, and we are growing. We will have another campus in Sydney soon. SCEI-HE will add four new Bachelor and Master level courses in the Education and Social Work areas.


Having you on board means we are responsible for preparing and guiding you for your career. You are our pride, and it is my pleasure to support your future endeavours.

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